Oil Spill Response Preparedness & Consultancy

Oil Spill Response Contingency Planning

Prevention & Prepardness

New Naval’s experience in prevention and response operations includes the lead-role as one of the primary response entities within Greece, as a provider directly appointed by ship-owners or their insurance companies, and as a sub-contractor. For all of these operations, New Naval has been successful preventing and/or mitigating the pollution generated. New Naval maintains a network of Tier 1 bases strategically located throughout Greece and a Tier 2 base in Lavrion, intentionally located near major ports and airports. Our prevention and preparedness portfolio includes a number of related services including:


Contingency Plans & Risk Assessment

Planning for potential threats is extremely important. Creating, testing and implementing a contingency plan based on risk assessments evaluated by qualified professional is an ideal process to properly protect against potential threats and incidents that may occur. With in-house resources and experts or through a network of trusted consultants, New Naval can prepare, write and submit any Risk Assessment, Contingency or Emergency Plan that your facility or organization might need. Planning includes the evaluation of spill risks and scenarios, adherence to national and international legislation and obligations, estimation of equipment required to mitigate an incident, sensitivity mapping, trajectory modelling, tactical response plans, notification procedures, reporting, documentation and media response.


Advice and Consulting on Marine Environment Issues and Spill Response Preparedness

Consulting includes the equipment selection and application based on resources and scenarios, audit of emergency response bases, GAP Analysis, and mobilization plans. Strategic decisions implemented before an incident allows operators to properly manage all available resources and can radically alter the outcome of an incident.


Integrated Prevention/Preparedness Tier 1 Packages

New Naval can provide preparedness packages intended for various facilities, including the provision of equipment, response exercises, training, inspection and maintenance of equipment. This includes the mobilization of additional resources if an incident escalates. Possession of or access to adequate resources is fundamental to being a responsible and capable provider.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
― Benjamin Franklin