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Oil Spill Response Network

The capability to respond rapidly to our international and national clientele, both in daily and emergency response situations, is of paramount importance to us at New Naval. In order to provide services quickly, efficiently and effectively New Naval has constructed and is in the process of establishing a global network of trusted and reliable agents and support affiliates to provide our clientele with the optimum support network and accessible, informed commercial sales team.

In-country agents include: Greece, Germany, UK, Italy, Cyprus, Argentina, US, Malta, UAE, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, India, Libya, Romania, Lebanon, Qatar, Nigeria, Egypt & Turkey

New Naval is continuously expanding our sales and service network that covers a significant part of the world, including but not limited to Germany, UK, Italy, Cyprus, Argentina, US, Malta, UAE, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, India, Libya, Romania, Lebanon, Qatar, Nigeria, Egypt and Turkey. Our agents and representatives are carefully selected, we strive to work with the best and most reliable people within our industry. New Naval welcomes opportunities for representation and cooperation in any part of the world, especially with individuals and companies who share the same ethics and passion for the marine environment. Our response network includes multiple international OSR companies renowned within in the industry for their experience and knowledge.

Daily Technical Support 

In-country agents and distributors, and employees in New Naval’s central hub network are available during normal in-country working hours to provide technical support and commercial quotations or estimations for services or equipment. New Naval’s network has been established, and continues to grow, to properly address and fulfil clientele’s needs and demands. International representatives are supported by New Naval’s central network. 

Emergency Incident Response Network

Provisional support from varying locations across the globe can be activated in a moment’s notice in the case of an emergency incident response situation. New Naval’s response network includes operational, scientific and managerial associates with unparalleled experience and knowledge in oil spill response operations. Affiliates include on-scene commanders and top-level supervisors who partook in such incidents as the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, and the Deepwater Horizon event that took place in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect. 


To become a part of the New Naval network or receive more information about New Naval’s agent/distributor network and operations, please contact us at:

+30 22920 27936

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