Accredited Interactive E-Courses

New Naval Oil Spill Response Accredited Interactive Training

Nauticaul Institute Accreditted IMO OPRC 0, 1, 2 & 3 Model E-Courses

Training courses are delivered either online direct to your desktop/screen, at our state-of-the-art training facility in Lavrio, Greece, or at any facility/location of your choice. Training can be provided in a variety of languages. IMO OPRC and cybersecurity awareness courses are accredited by the Nautical Institute. NGP’s innovative online method of delivery allows the use of not one or two, but several expert instructors to diversify courses and make them more interesting and educational with no additional costs. NGP is the first and sole provider of interactive e-courses for IMO OPRC, an extremely cost-effective and time efficient educational series that allow staff to be trained in daily and emergency settings.


The interactive e-course learning platform allows:

- Off-location delivery at your desktop, tablet or selected screen
- Use of international, renowned instructors
- Highly interactive participation with other locations
- Capability to provide training to multiple locations simultaneously
- Allows participants to train in their work environment so that they do not have to neglect their responsibilities


Interactive Video-Conference Platform advantages include:

- Access to the online platform for distance learning to all types of devices including: VC room, computers, laptops, tablets and smart-phones, without obliging participants to acquire special equipment other than stable internet.
- Full interaction (audio and video) with each participant as well as “raise-hand” capability during the presentations.
- Sharing of videos, presentations, hand-notes, table-top exercises etc. on real-time as it happens during normal presentations
- Collaborative sessions between the participants under the supervision of the instructor
- White-board application to handwrite and present notes
- Recording and playback of the presentation for future references
- Multi-language program-interface support, to facilitate participants around the world
- File transfer during the presentation
- Live text-messaging for Q&A during the sessions for each participant separately
- Registration management of the participants through secure connection links to their dedicated email addresses
- Operating system support by Windows, Mac, Linux


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