NGP Training Center

Oil Spill Response NGP Training Centre

New Naval provides training through its affiliate partner, the NGP Training Center (NGP), accredited by the UK’s Nautical Institute, is a unique training provider that delivers IMO OPRC model oil spill response training, crisis management and cybersecurity awareness courses, delivered either online through an interactive video conference platform (that can be combined with on-site lectures and training if requested), or through traditional physical training. The NGP Training Center is dedicated to providing clients the most progressive and comprehensive training delivered by the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers from around the globe.


1st Acrredited IMO Interactive E-Course Provider

The e-course teaching method uses an interactive, real-time video conference platform that allows a plethora of qualified and highly experienced instructors from around the world to deliver modules straight to your location. This method also significantly reduces the overall cost of training.

Extensive experience in the logistical planning of training courses has shown that allocating time and bringing together trainees and trainers can become very challenging. This, in combination with the required duration of the IMO OPRC courses, is a considerable factor that can prevent participants (i.e. vessel crews, HSSEQ personnel from high risk facilities, executive managers, etc.) from attending courses.

The interactive e-courses have been developed to address this issue with the guidance and recommendations of an IMO advisory Group and UK’s Nautical Institute, under UK’s Nautical Institute scheme. The e-course, interactive video platform is designed for direct discourse and discussion between trainers and participants, allowing participants to receive course modules from their office or remote location, safety/critical personnel to remain on-site. This structure significantly reduces the time and costs associated with traveling.


Pool of International Expert Instructors

The expertise and experience of world-renowned oil spill response specialists and other industry leaders greatly enhances the IMO curriculum. Instructors include experts and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries including: oil spill response, shipping/ maritime, salvage, environmental services and esteemed academics from well-known institutes and universities.


Traditional On-Site Training

For those who prefer on-site, traditional instruction the modern NGP Training facility in Lavrion, Greece, includes classrooms, teleconference facilities, a large test tank, a manufacturing facility, OSR equipment and access to the nearby port where our fleet of stand-by oil recovery vessels are located. The Center provides a comprehensive experience including hands-on deployment activities.


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