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Scorpion A Series Inflatable Curtain Containment Boom

Code: Scorpion™ A Series


Scorpion™ Inflatable Floating Curtain Containment Boom is a handy, lightweight, rapid-deployment containment system, usable under multiple circumstances.
with minimum storage volume when deflated.
The oil containment boom is suitable for storage on all type of reels.
Scorpion™ Inflatable Floating Curtain Containment Boom has high buoyancy to weight ratio that ensures excellent wave following characteristics.
The air chambers of the oil containment boom,are approximately 5m long with 2 non-return air valves.
Scorpion™ Inflatable Floating Curtain Containment Boom is manufactured from high visibility PU-coated PES fabric OR Polymer Alloy Fabric, using High Frequency Welding Technology, with no use of sewing (SEAMLESS) and is easy to deploy and recover.

Key features: