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New Naval Ltd. is the leading Greek manufacturer of Oil Spill Response and Marine Environment Protection Equipment. Our company was initially established in late 70s and, since then, has been active in Marine Environment Protection business, claiming a significant share of the market.

Located at the strategic Mediterranean port of Piraeus, with a modern, hi-end production facility, at Lavrion port, New Naval Ltd. is provides reliable and innovative Marine Environment Protection solutions, designed and manufactured by our R&D Department.

Our product line covers the full spectrum of Oil Spill Response Equipment, ranging from Oil Booms-Barriers, Oil Skimmers, Sorbents, Temporary Storage Means and Powerpacks to Dynamic Recovery & Response Vessels, Dispersants and Dispersion Systems. In addition, our expert R&D Department can come up with tailor-made solution that covers even the most requiring operations.

High quality and cost-effective products along with tailor-made solutions have established New Naval as the leading Greek manufacturer of Oil Spill Response Equipment and among the top manufacturers globally.

With a pioneering spirit, aiming to keep abreast of evolution, we are working with all stakeholders of Environmental Protection Sector, building up a client network, locally and globally, and continuously developing our product range. In such a manner, New Naval Ltd. has established and runs an in – house Emergency Response Department, providing hi-end Marine Environment Protection Services and working with Ports, Harbors & Coastal Facilities, Oil Terminals and Shipping Companies, introducing new technologies and high expertise.

We, at New Naval Ltd, share a passion for innovation, efficiency and effectiveness, assuring that our partners have access to products and services of the highest quality.