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Services and equipment to prevent and
abate maritime pollution
New Naval’s product range include:
From absorbent materials…
till contemporary dynamic recovery antipollution vessels.


New Naval has a well trained technical team and a large stock of material which enables our company to provide services and equipment to prevent and abate maritime pollution...
Our company provides reliable solutions in antipollution equipment
Short delivery time
Immediate technical support

New Naval Ltd

Protection of Marine Environment is of paramount importance. We, at New Naval Ltd., the leading Greek manufacturer of Oil Spill Response and Marine Environment Protection Equipment, have undertaken responsibility to support maritime and shipping industry. With a 40-year evolution path, developing Oil Spill Response Solutions, we are among the top manufacturers of Oil Spill Response Equipment, providing reliable and efficient solutions to stakeholders, around the globe.

Our product line covers full spectrum of Oil Spill Response Equipment, ranging from Oil Booms-Barriers, Oil Skimmers, Sorbents, Temporary Storage Means and Powerpacks to Dynamic Recovery & Response Vessels, Dispersants and Dispersion Systems while our in – house Emergency Response Department provides hi-end Marine Environment Protection Services, working closely with Ports, Harbors & Coastal Facilities, Oil Terminals and Shipping Companies, introducing new technologies and high expertise to the market.

At New Naval Ltd, we share a passion for innovation, efficiency and effectiveness, assuring that our partners have access to products and services of the highest quality.